Presidents Message

Welcome to McKenzie Tank Lines, where we offer a legacy of success.

We have over 69 years of experience due to our outstanding drivers, our dedicated staff and our valuable relationships with our customers. 

McKenzie drivers are the cornerstone of our company. They are the ones who interact with the customers every day with professionalism and dependability. McKenzie drivers are known for their safety and skill throughout the industry and garner respect from their peers and customers alike.

Our staff is dedicated to exceeding the expectations of our customers and finding solutions to whatever challenges they face. We don’t take loyalty for granted, rather we want to re-earn our customer’s trust with every shipment. We prioritize safety, pioneering new uses of accident avoidance technology. We are committed to integrity and creativity, holding ourselves to a higher standard of excellence while constantly pushing ourselves to innovate and improve.

Our customers’ satisfaction is our mission. We believe this industry moves the nation’s economy and are dedicated to finding solutions to their supply and distribution needs. We believe in relationships, and want to provide value to all customers beyond basic transportation. Our goal is to provide our customers with the flexibility and performance of a private fleet without the corresponding expense and inefficiencies.

Whether you are a current or potential customer or future member of our team, we are proud of our company and would be proud to call you a part of the McKenzie legacy.



James C. Shaeffer

President and CEO